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Saturday, March 06, 2004



That is soo sad, "n" really didn't have a "choice". None of us have the right to judge whether or not she'd be a suitable parent. She needed to make this decision with guidance, but free of judgement and pressure. In the girl's best interests, was this case of statutory rape reported to Child Protective Services? Why did you let her go through the abortion? Did you ask her why she changed her mind? From what you've written so far about this girl, it sounds like she gave in to pressure/coercion from her mother and aunt. It should of been her decision free of pressure from her mom and aunt. It's her life and her heart that will have to live with this decision. After all being pro-choice means supporting an individual girl or women's right to choose the coarse of her life free or pressure or coercion. Oh I wish she would of had more loving support to make her decision instead of condemnation. Had she carried to term, there are community agencies that could of help. Soo sad.

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