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Monday, March 08, 2004



What you are doing here is so profoundly honest. I really respect your integrity and dignity. Congratulations -- keep doing what you do so well.


You do great work, both online and at the clinic. I am here reading and will happily link to you as soon as I have a site to do so from! thanks for your presence here!


very powerful site. i just found it from the links page at esotericbowl.com.

to map your site (www.abortionclinicdays.com), go here: http://www.typepad.com/resources/ then find "domain mapping made easy."


I found your site by accident.

I am a left-leaning pro-lifer, but I like to describe myself as discerningly and prayerfully pro-life. I'm not commenting in disapproval, but rather in thanks for your site. Some of my pro-life friends demonize those who do what you do; I have a profound sense of respect for your mission and your work, even as I long for the day when it will no longer be necessary to do what it is that you do do. Thank you for sharing your stories out here. Even in disagreement on an issue as heartbreaking as this, you have my admiration.


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