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Monday, March 29, 2004


Kara Steele

I had my third abortion 5 wks ago. I was in such turmoil finding out I was pregnant and being 5 mos along. I had always had irregular cycles but when my body started changing I knew something was up. I think I was in deniel for the longest time. One day while in the store this lady walked up to me and asked when I was due. The following day I went to the clinic and had an ultrasound.They said I needed a d and e abortion. This scared me my other two were done at 8 wks.I told the nurse I didnt think I could go through with it because it was getting so big. My belly seemed to grow over night. She asked if I wanted to have a baby and I told her no way. She told me then to go home and think about it before it becomes a baby. I thought about it all night there were so many reasons I didnt want to have a baby and the only reason I didnt want the abortion was fear. The next day I called and made the appointment. The day I went for the beginning part which was to dialate my cervix by placing these sticks called lamineria in in it there were so many girls there having it done too. I came back the second day and the doctor said i needed another day of it cuz i was not open enough for him to remove the pregnancy.
The next night was pretty rough. I had alot of discomfort but kept thinking tomorrow it will all be over. My appt was for 9:00 but because I had such a rough night.I showed up at 7:30. While I was waiting for my turn my water broke and the pain got real hard. The nurse told me dont worry and took me into a room and helped me take my pants off. She got me up on the table and put my legs way up. She gave me something for pain and sat and held my hand and helped me breathe until the doctor came into the room. The doctor came in an I think he introduced himself but i'm not sure. I could feel something in my bottom. The nurse told me to push and i did. The doctor said it looked like I'd need a little help because I was so small. He put something inside me that was like a vacuum and I felt instant relief as he took it out of me. I cried cuz i was so glad it was finally over. I'm glad i didnt give into the fear
cuz having the abortion was a good choice for the circumstances i was in at the time. I dont look back just forward and i'm glad that it was availible to me. I didnt even know who I was pregnant by I cant imagine bringing a child into the world under those circumstances.


I've had three abortons, two first trimester procedures and one in the third trimester. I was only 13 when I had the first one, my friends Dad was molesting me. I hid the pregnancy untill I could'nt anymore. One day my Mom made me undress and she told me I was pregnant. I didn't understand the whole concept within days she took me to kansas for an abortion. The lamineria hurt but I knew the baby wouldn't feel anything. The doctor gave it a shot. I had to have lamineria 4 times and then the doctor did a labor induction on me. I had labor for about 10 hours and finally I delivered something that felt pretty big, the nurse told me I could see it if I wanted to but I only glanced at it. The doctor creamated the baby right there, he said I was about 7 mos pregnant. I dont think I have any lasting problems from having the abortion, it just needed to be done I was to young. He showed me a video of a women giving birth and I knew I couldn't have a baby tear through me that way. My body was not even fully developed and they told me it would harm me if I didnt have the abortion and after seeing the video i knew it would. My other two abortions were done before 12 wks they seemed so easy after the first one. I can't believe anyone would feel bad about it to me it was a relief. I dont believe anyone should be forced to have a baby they dont want in my case it was definately the right decison. Untill I had a late term abortion I didnt realize how common it was infact I didnt think about it. The day I aborted there were 12 women doing the same. The nurse said it was a typical day any way they knew what they were doing and I have never regretted any of the procedures I had done.


i am 2 months and i gotten this way by telling a preacher that i was not goingto have sex with him and so he did what a man do best and that is take it. now i am allmost 2 months and i do not know what to do i am very confused about it i need more feed back thank you i do not want it i can't not have this baby at all thank you amelia



I'm glad that you had the choice to decide not to end your pregnancy.

I am pro-choice as is my whole family. No one in our family has ever been "turn[ed] on." We have cared for the elderly grandparents and great-grandparents with dignity until the last moment. No one in our pro-choice family has been placed in a nursing home or been "put out of their misery." Please don't characterize us that way when you obviously have no idea.

m. g.

Abortion is a lame topic.

Jenni Nelson


I just back from the March...I went to support my friends who have had abortions (which destroyed their lives) and to help stand up for the kids they've lost.(My friends didn't have the courage to attend with me, seeing people marching as puppets for NARAL would make them too sick) Abortion has recked more havoc on my closest friends than any other "choice" imaginable.

So I had no choice other than to counter-protest the "March for Death and Heartache." To my suprise, I found myself with just under 1,000 other youth doing them same. (Many were hip, beautiful, young women) But of course, all reporters directly swarmed around the only old southern guy and avoided us young and bold women at all costs. (They seek the need to continue the false sterotype of pro-life majority as being old conservative men.)

While riding the metro, my life shirt caused a few "marching" women to give me dirty looks and I actually conversed with one younger woman. I told her that pro-lifers help women with anything they could possibly need to raise their babe, and she snapped at me, "Well, why did't you give me the money to raise my 3yr old I had to abort!" (She literally jumped from 0 to 10 on the anger scale.)

I told her I was sorry that she felt all alone. (meaning during her pregnancy) I didn't get the chance to tell her that all she had to do was ask or that single women qualify for free college with the Pell Grant (up to $5,000 a year), which Planned Parenthood always fails to mention to women considering abortion. But obviously, if she remembered how old her child would've been... she thinks about her all the time. And if abortion does what NARAL, NOW, and PP claim, erase an unwanted child, then why are their women constantly reminded of the "choice" they made that resulted in the loss of their little one?

Another woman in her 20's claimed that she was very happy about her decision "otherwise", she said,"I would hate myself right now!" When we commented that she didn't look very happy she flipped and blurted out,"What makes you think that I'm not happy?" One of my friends answered, "because you are breathing heavily and about to cry." (She was also shaking) And her abortion didn't affect her?

I could literally go on. There was even one woman who was passing out signs, which people were not readily accepting, so she told marchers that this other young woman and I where taking them and ripping them up, so they'd hurry and grab one. (I just rolled my eyes.)

A large majority of the march was made up of baby boomers, and I informed them that in 10-20 years the 'choicers won't be changing their diapers. Infact, they will be "putting them out of their misery" because they will be the "new" burden.(They don't respect young innocent life, why would they support old grumpy life?)

Baby boomers faught so hard for abortion rights, and those same rights that have wiped out 1/3 of my generation, people 31 years and under. The same people would have been paying taxes and helping out with social security. Average US family "keeps" 2 children, so how can those two children support one person on social security? Baby Boomers, you kill by the sword, you die by the sword, but thank God that we are on your side and will be protesting for your life also... when your young 'choice friends and family turn on you.

"Choicers introduced the poison when they "taught" minority women how to do abortions at home, (Thanks M. Sanger!)which backfired and crossed over to the "white" population.(and hurt women) Then they picked out false "death-by-abortion" figures to promote abortion and picked the symbol,"the coat hanger", in order to win peoples' sympathy. They won Roe vs Wade and suddenly those same exact dangerous "back-alley" abortionists became "certified doctors". And women today are still reaping the fatal benefits.


Jenni 23, strong single independent mother.
Liberty 3.5,(a future woman almost hurt by abortion Jan 2000)


Did everyone cheer during last week's West Wing? Be great to invite Glenn Close to "join a bus"! In case you did not see this episode, Glenn Close is a judge being considered for the Supreme Court. At first, she is interviewed because she is very "left" and it is hoped she will be rejected and their more "moderate" "real" choice will be approved. However, in he interviews, she is powerful and honest -- very honest. She talks about having an abortion - without apology. She also discusses the 'slipper slope' of legislation concerning D&X abortion procedures, PBA... and she does not stop to explain everything; she sticks to the right of privacy, the rights- and capabilities- of women to determine their child-bearing decisions. She also came across a extremely learned in hte law. In fact, she defends the possible appointment of Justice who is feared to be far to the right. Long story - need to catch this one on reruns - maybe on Bravo?She was incredible!
In the end, she is placed in as Chief Justice and autographs a print of the 14th amendment for a staffer. Powerful!

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